Avoid Costly Amazon Mistakes

Avoid Costly Amazon Mistakes

Avoid Costly Amazon Mistakes

When you are planning to sell items on Amazon, you should be aware of how you can avoid those mistakes which can impact your ratings on amazon negatively or get your account blocked/suspended or closure and lead your business to failure.

Avoid Costly Amazon Mistakes

The best way of avoiding mistakes is to Know upfront what right path to follow. Read out the following points and make sure you avoided these steps while selling on Amazon.

Not Follow the Guidelines

It is quite important to follow the Amazon account setup guidelines, what should be included and what should not be to compliance with Amazon policies.

Copying content from another seller

Most people doing this mistake to select any competitor on Amazon and start doing the duplication of contents and images/banners by keeping in view that they might reach to their level. This approach is wrong and will let you down towards banned of account. Don’t underestimate the Amazon, must avoid such practices.

Misunderstanding of How Amazon Works

The important part of being failure on Amazon is that people don’t know how Amazon works, they do some hit and trail for being visible on the top of listing, sometimes it works and most of the times it does not, you must be aware of the Amazon working that how to maximize the appearance in listing by using the right tool and tricks.

Having duplicate accounts

Only one seller account per Amazon seller, having more than that will violate Amazon policy. Don’t try to dodge the system, must comply with the system.

Not Check Orders Daily

Some of the sellers check the orders on weekly basis especially on weekend, it is bad practice as the customer wants to get delivered ASAP, so you should check orders daily basis or update customer accordingly.

Lack of Financial Aggregation

If you are not planning then you are planning to fail, before opening an account on Amazon, you must evaluate in terms of financials that how much money need to invest and how much keep as a reserve to keep the circle running.

Less Competitive Analysis of market

Many peoples do not focus in this area which becomes a major factor of failure, must be aware of what trend is in the market regarding your products, what your competitors are doing and what should be value added in your product.

Incomplete or incorrect Product Listing

The inclusion of special characters/all caps or sales or coupons in the product title and UNappropriate product images sizes and low-quality images will reduce your ranking on Amazon, you must aware about what length of product title and description and image sizes are standard by Amazon and follow it accordingly.

Overlooking Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction is one of the most important performance measures we use to determine how well you are doing as a seller on Amazon. The Customer Metrics page provides reports that give you greater insight into how you are doing with respect to customer satisfaction.

Neglecting negative feedback may lead your account to be closure, corrective action should be taken based on the negative feedback and any recommendation in quality/service should be a warm welcome.

Poor Fulfilment Service / Late shipping

Late shipment makes a customer unhappy, normally people choose unknown shipper to save money but it gets negative when not reach on time regardless how good quality of the product,  must select appropriate shipper and customer must be notified about the shipping periodically instead of his inquiry.


Most of the people do having this issue on Amazon that they don’t have any centralized inventory management system like Stock Konnect, which help them to get sync of inventory on all platforms like e-commerce store (Magento/Shopify), multiple accounts on Amazon/eBay in different regions, it will stop the overselling of the products, it will automatically mark the product out of stock once inventory finished.