1. Will I be able to list on eBay and Amazon through this prog?

Yes you can list on eBay and Amazon.

2. Will it manage my inventory?

Yes if one item sell on say on amazon it will adjust inventory on all your site.

3. If I sell one item on one site will it update all my other sites?

Yes it will update after 10-15 on all sites but if you want shorter update time we can look into it too.

4. Will I be able to use same template for eBay and Amazon.

Not right now but this feature is coming and you will be able to list or duplicate eBay to Amazon or vice versa.

5. Can I duplicate Items?

Yes you can duplicate items eBay on eBay and amazon on amazon.

6. Can I make bundles of products?

Yes you can make bundles and expand inventory.

7. Can I change bundle price?

Yes all prices are editable.

8. Can I change prices?

Yes you can change each item price, by site or by bulk.

9. Will I be able to bulk Upload items rather than one item at a time?

Yes Prog allows you to upload through CSV in bulk and single.

10. When I duplicate are all images transferred on duplicate?

Yes all images will be transferred on duplicated item along with description and titles. When Duplicated you must review Text in Description as some text is lost must check and correct we are working on full text transfer it will be fixed soon.

11. When duplicated do I change title?

Yes it is advised to make it unique for better selling.

12. Can I list on other platform other than eBay and Amazon?

Not yet it is coming soon you will be able to list more sites.

13. Fully managed service what it involves?

It depends on work load if not many listings we can share an assistant and provide an affordable package but if you are medium or large size seller we provide dedicated assistant who will list your items, mange customer support process orders coordinate with warehouse for despatch. It is negotiable all depending on workload and listing volume.

14. Will I be able to store my images?

Yes, we will provide 15GB space part of the package.

15. Can I change my plan later?

Yes you can change any time as and when suits you.

16. Do you take percentage of sales?

No beauty of package is no extra cost and you can budget out cost which are affordable.

17. Do you do FBA?

It is under development and will be available in the next few weeks.

18. How does 30 Day trial work?

You will have full version of the stockkonect prog you have to choose 100 products. You do not need to give Credit card details. If you decide to continue with us just pay and carry on.

19. Are there setup fee?

No there is no setup fee it is free.

20. Do I need to pay year up front?

No you do not have to it is your choice if you are happy and wants pay for full year

21. Can I cancel my plan?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time or cancel. If you choose annual billing at the discounted rate, you are committing to a full year of service. Monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at the end of the month. We do not offer refunds.

22. What form of Payment you accept?

We accept Visa, Master card and PayPal.

23. When will I be billed?

Subscription to our plan are much like others once you choose a plan you will be billed and automatically renewed until cancelled.

24. Are any support packages included?

You get full support included when you sign up.

25. I might need help – can you help if I do?

Of course, we take support and on-boarding very seriously. You can be rest assured that we’ll make your move smooth.

26. Is it email or chat based support?

Yes to both – and we are also available on the phone!

27. How long do I have to wait for a reply from support?

We’ll acknowledge your query within 1 working hour.

28. Will you support other marketplaces in the future?

We are working to a development roadmap that may include additional marketplaces in the future.

29. Can I import my existing products and listings from my marketplaces and shopping carts?

Yes. It is possible to import your products and listings.

30. Can I put my name on a list to be contacted if you start supporting my marketplace?

Yes you can. You can contact our sales team via our website and request to be notified as and when a channel becomes available.

31. Will you support other marketplaces in the future?

We are working to a development roadmap that may include additional marketplaces in the future.

32. Does Stock Konnect allow multiple stores on the same marketplace?

Yes. You can have multiple stores with the same marketplace but it depends on your Price Plan. There is no limit. e.g. customers have been know to have 7+ Ebay/Amazon stores.

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