Introducing Stock Konnect

Removes the complexity of selling on multiple channels & save your time.

A powerful listing & stock management & e-commerce tool for eBay, Amazon, Shopify and other platforms that allows you to create new single and multiple variation listings, manage existing listings, control and sync stock, manage orders, and export reports, all through a simple and intuitive interface.

Stock Management

Why you need Stock Konnect ?

Here are some important factors which will allow you to get your online business connect with the Stock Konnect, are as follows

  • No doubt, you are working with the most efficient staff but still, you are facing the lack of exact information
  • It will surely save your much time to get spend on listing the products
  • It will also enhance your concentration for the business as well and you will surely get the better results from it
  • Obviously, you are running your business with different products but still, you don’t get the reliable listing procedure
  • It offers a single platform for all big marketplaces and Ecommerce platforms to be integrated easily.
  • You can easily add, update and edit listings from Stock Konnect’s easy to use interface and synchronize among all the platforms

These all benefits along with the correct information regarding your stock will be in front of you by using the Stock Konnect software.
Here you will also get to know about the real factors for your online business which you will get from the use of Stock Konnect.

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Why should you use Stock Konnect ?

List to Amazon, eBay, Shopify and Magento faster than ever before. Use our Stock Konnect With our Multichannel E-commerce Solution, integrate your eBay, Amazon & e-commerce website to save time by automating the product listing process and integrating the orders & inventory at one point

Logs Management

Using Stock Konnect logs you can easily manage your stock logs and product field logs


Connect as many Amazon, eBay, Shopify & magento accounts as you manage to a single Stock Konnect account.

Inventory Listing

Automate and control your inventory management to save time, money and effort.

Orders Management

Managing the order from all the marketplaces has been made easy as you like with the help of Stock Konnect.


Order Management

Make multi-channel selling a breeze with one centralized location to view, manage and process orders.

Stock Control

Synchronize all of your marketplaces through Stock Konnect and easily manage your stock.

Inventory Reports

Make better inventory planning decisions by identifying SKUs that are running low in stock.

Reporting Features

With hundreds of reporting options, Stock Konnect makes it easy to find the metrics that really matter.


You rarely come across a complete digital solution for your online business but when you talk about Stock Konnect so it as close to it as you could get it. One click based solution is ‘THE” peace and paradise. A big shout out from me for this!!!! The best inventory management system and also one click master from eBay – amazon. Bar none!!

Imtiaz Ahmad,Sigma Trading, LLC

"Stock Konnect help our business to streamline our inventory & orders and reduce time and efforts, Thank you"

Farooq Ahmad,CEO , Riderwear

"Very user friendly, easy to use,  customer support is awesome, always ready to help you. "

Kashif Ahmad,CEO , Motohart

Price Plans

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  • 1 eBay, 1 Amazon
  • 1 user

  • $60 / Month
  • 3 eBay, 3 Amazon
  • 2 users

  • $110 / Month
  • 5 eBay, 5 Amazon
  • 3 users

  • Unlimited Users
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