8 Tips on How to Increase Amazon Sales

8 Tips on How to Increase Amazon Sales

8 Tips on How to Increase Amazon Sales

The Amazon marketplace can be a great e-commerce business for online sellers when you get it right. However, there is a lot of competition out there. The enormous number of shoppers who use Amazon makes it easy to see why so many sellers set out to start their enterprises on the Amazon platform. To increase Amazon sales means you must keep up with the competition and learn quickly what works and what doesn’t.

How to Increase Amazon Sales

To help you with the learning curve, here are some tips that will add to your success as an Amazon seller and increase Amazon sales.

Selling on Amazon would only be a business complement, or it’s just in the business beginning stage which is not yet successful.

Put All Your Attention On Products Selection

Products are the key aspects of successful Amazon management. It is said that 70% of the successful Amazon management is because of the right products selection.

amazon Products Selection

It is frequently heard that some sellers earn more than one million in a few months on account of choosing an excellent product. Despite the professional Amazon management of the sellers, a good product like mermaid sleeping bags plays important role in the success of the sellers on Amazon. Lots of Amazon sellers put all their efforts to build the “mermaid sleeping bags” from potential items to hot selling products which actually helps various sellers to earn enormous profits.

Therefore, for every Amazon sellers, the first step of doing well in operation is to choose necessary products with market potential. A good product is the fundamental of success in Amazon operation.

Be Competitive


The competition on Amazon is steep, with the biggest differentiator setting apart one seller from another being price. This doesn’t have to be an obstacle to profitability though. You have to use the price competition to help you determine which products are worth promoting in the marketplace. Only sell items that have a sufficient margin to offer you a reasonable rate of return while still being competitively priced. Don’t forget to factor in inventory, order fulfillment, and overhead expenses.

Deliver advertisements properly

At present, the number of sellers on Amazon’s platform is increasing dramatically. Even though you have selected a great product, it is still difficult to boost its sales without promotion.

Deliver advertisements

In this case, in-site advertisements in Amazon play an inevitable role of initiative promotion on account of high traffic accuracy conversion rate. During operation, it is necessary to formulate advertising schemes for their own products and launch appropriate advertisements to provide support to the whole operation.

Market Outside of Amazon

Market Outside of Amazon

You aren’t allowed to market people away from Amazon, but you can absolutely market outside to bring customers to your Amazon store. You can use blogging and article writing on your other websites to get potential customers to look at your items on Amazon. Using social media for your e-commerce business is a great option as well.

Automate Your Listings

Amazon listing tool

Spending your time continuously listing products is not only time-consuming, but maybe a waste of time that you could be better spending on marketing, customer engagement, and other key business strategies. Automating your Amazon listings can help you simplify the whole process, saving you time and money. Using an Amazon listing tool can help you with listing products in bulk, while an inventory management solution can help you with automatic reordering.

Get Feedback and Reviews

The power of customer reviews is enormous, 88% of consumers now say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Try and think beyond the obvious, find reviews that include media. Video reviews or a review with a product picture could work wonders. If you know people locally that have enjoyed your product, go to them. Enquire at a local university to find students to help you with the project, this would only incur a small cost or could be free altogether.

Feedback and Reviews

Around 90% of Amazon buyers fail to leave feedback. Using a program like Feedback Five can help increase the volume of feedback submitted and help you to eradicate those neutral and negative comments. Amazon stresses an importance on seller performance when ranking your items in the top positions.

Why not contact sellers outside of Amazon to provide reviews? The benefit of this is that if some customers present you with negative or constructive feedback on your product this can help you improve your product without your rankings suffering. This is an especially good tactic when releasing a new product.

Improve your SEO

As well as seller rating and price, Amazon also looks at keywords in the product’s title to rank listings. Amazon’s keyword stuffing option for a product’s title is very reminiscent of tactics SEO agencies use to deploy to improve Google rankings in the early 2000s.

With the product title, you have a character limit of 500 characters, in which you should include as many keywords as possible to ensure your product is visible. Amazon suggests including brand, description, product line, material, color, size and quantity in this field.

amazon seo

Additionally, I’d suggest using the Amazon Keyword Tool, which uses Amazon’s Autocomplete service to find popular long tail keywords, where they are awarded a score from 1-10. You should export the ones you seem the best fit and import them into Google’s Keyword Planner Tool, where you can gauge the search volume of these keywords.

Separate from the product title, Amazon also offers you to enter information into a keyword field. It’s worth noting that it is ineffectual to include any keywords that you had already used in the product title, as Amazon will simply overlook this. You are allowed five keywords or keyword phrases to be entered here, so use them wisely!

Equip With Professional Operating Teams

In the contact with business owners, the most concern for them is that they desire to establish a bigger business but they fail to recruit right people and they incline to make more powerful business but they fail to recruit talents with excellent professional skills. Therefore, even though most of the things are ready, everything could solely be an imagination if without talented people.

Professional Teams

Various companies are cultivating newbies, but staff mobility would make team establishment full of uncertainties. Meanwhile, if sellers desire to cultivate a relative mature operator, they need to embrace a systematical cultivating plan. It is difficult for the cross-border e-commercial companies which are accustomed that veterans train newbies to conduct systematical cultivation. Therefore, creating a professional team become a distant dream.

However, it is better to go ahead and try your best to achieve success and sincerely treat each member of the teams, which is possible to gradually create an invincible army in the future.