Amazon keyword optimization

Amazon keyword optimization

For newly-arrived Amazon sellers, the keywords must be a big problem that bothers everyone. The keywords are not only related to the search volume of listing, but also related to the effect of our late-stage pay-per-click campaign.


And the Amazon keyword search volume is the key factors to affect your optimization strategies. How can we obtain high-quality keywords? In this post, I’ll share some of the tips for sellers on Amazon to do keyword optimization.


First of all, we need to understand some basic concepts: What kind of keywords are the most formal keywords on the Amazon that are perfectly matching to the search rules?


The following points must be made clear:


1. Keywords are best words or phrases, don’t use long sentences! ! ! (Don’t read it like a book, that’s just taking up valuable space for keywords.)


2. The five-line keywords are filled as much as possible, among which the greater the proportion is, the more important keywords are to be filled in. There is no keyword, and keywords with low relevance are also written. (A lot of people think that keywords have nothing to write, and they will be empty one or two lines later. If you still want to do a good job of listing, please read this post and go back and fill up the keywords.)


3. Key words recommended writing. Each line of keywords uses the attributive+attribute+attributive+…+word wording (eg, rope lights as an example, LED christmas party indoor outdoor waterproof copper wire starry string lights). Do not separate them with commas. This will maximize your product search.


4. Do not need to repeat keywords, this will not increase the chance of being retrieved.


5. Do not intentionally add words or brands that are not related to your product in order to search for the top or increase the exposure.


6. The spelling of English must be correct.


7. The names of products should be arranged based on the certain rules. Such as large plush teddy bear, rather than Teddy plush large bear.


8. Try not to use professional acronyms that buyers do not understand.


9. To continue to experiment, constantly adjust the keywords of their own products, so that their keywords can be optimal. With the basic understanding of key words, we can begin our search for keywords.


To get keywords:


Tips 1:


First of all, make it clear what synonym names your product has. In the Amazon search drop-down box, the results page will have some Amazon recommended keywords. If you sell a lamp, the lamp has a lamp. And light, and then you can use these two words to search on Amazon’s search bar.


As shown in the figure: Through the search box, you can see the keywords that some buyers related to your product will search. Due to the wide range of these two words, you can narrow the search according to the characteristics of your product.



Now take the rope lamp. For example, you can find out the following results: Here you will find many keywords that are closer to your product. If you use the LED string light keyword, you can find more relevant keywords and so on.



Searching with different keywords in the search box, you will get a lot of keywords. Selecting a keyword and clicking on it will also get related keywords on the page. Keywords, and then through the front desk one by one to test screening, leaving the keywords related to their products are left, the highest relevance are put to the front.



Tips 2:

To eBay, AliExpress, Dunhuang and other platforms to search, it will also have some relevant keyword recommendations, these platforms will appear in the search of many related keywords, can learn from. As shown in the figure: Searching with different keywords in the search bar, you can get a lot of keywords. The last step is to filter and filter keywords that are highly relevant to your products. Other sites are similar.


Tips 3:


As we talked about the way keywords are found on competitor websites, there are some websites that allow you to check the websites of famous countries in each country.


You can look at the famous e-commerce websites in the United States and Europe. From here, you can enter these foreign websites to see what others are selling, and then search the search box to see other people’s local websites. What are the most popular keywords that you can use for reference in your listing.


When doing pay-per-click, Amazon has a lot of recommended keywords, there are some high-exposure, hot keywords, we can use these keywords in our listing.


These two keyword search websites can obtain some keywords. There are many types of websites of this type.You can have a try for this, and it should help a lot to do Amazon keyword optimization.