1 Click Listing Tool – Multichannel Fulfilment Software

1 Click Listing Tool – Multichannel Fulfilment Software

1 Click Listing Tool – Multichannel Fulfilment Software

Stock Konnect is Multi-Channel Listing Tool is a powerful solution to easily list and sell the variation of products on multiple sales channels. It also helps to control stock, synchronize inventory, fulfill and manage orders, and access the well managed reporting intelligence you need to be successful. The Listing Tool is an ideal solution for the professional sellers who want to streamline and optimize the way they sell or want to sell on the multi-channel eCommerce stores like eBay, Magento, Amazon or many others.

No matter you are running your eCommerce business through your home or a company, the specialized Listing Tool powered by Stock Konnect cover you up by easily listing your inventory on multiple channels with just a single account from the central catalog to reach more customers, no matter where they shop.


Streamline Your Selling Faster Than Ever Before

Although managing the business is not quite simple and when it comes to deal with e-commerce multi-channel stores, it could be frustrated and annoyed to handle it. Usually, manage the listing and inventory on multiple e-commerce marketplaces is not the kids’ play. Because managing the variation of listing on different stores with different accounts and on different browsers is quite hectic.

With the sole purpose to overcome such type of exhausted activities, Stock Konnect brings an ultimate and powerful solutionListing Tool to automate Listing, syncing Inventory, controlling Stock, and managing orders of multiple channels on a single platform, with the same account, just a single click.

Multi-Channel Ecommerce Fulfilment Listing Tool

Ecommerce Fulfilment Listing Tool easily syncs product Listing across all your stores, multiple stores, and sites over multiple marketplaces in real-time. This assures that you never oversell again. Just link with Stock Konnect and make a sale anywhere to get instant updates stock everywhere.

Keeping the inventory or stock update every minute is the main factor to boost up your e-commerce business up to the success. We understand that maintain accurate stock level, or update the inventory over the real-time mark can be quite hectic for a person on his own. Stock Konnect’ Fulfilment Listing Toolbrings the ultimate approach in updating the inventory automatically without any hassle. This tool is fully integrated with multiple marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Magento, Shopify etc. Single and Variation Listing, Inventory, Stock, and Orders are managed on a single platform.

Multi-Channel Ecommerce Fulfilment Listing Tool itself is a power pack integrated solution for the professional sellers who are or plan to sell over Multi-Channel Ecommerce stores. They can also operate multiple stores with the same account with just one click. So if you are facing problems with your existing e-commerce tool, then quickly connect with Stock Konnect and build a central catalog connection among all your multi-channel stores with Multichannel Fulfilment Listing Tool – Stock Konnect.