How to list in two categories on eBay

How to list in two categories on eBay

How to add categories

When you begin listing your item, a category is sometimes pre-populated with suggestions supported your title.

If you do not consider what is advised, you’ll choose Search categories or browse categories to seek out another.

When you have used a category in a very previous listing, eBay saves it thus you’ll choose it once more as either your main or secondary category


How to list in two categories on eBay

Listing in 2 categories will increase the possibilities that your item can get before of an interested customer.

To add a second class, choose add a second class within the Product details section of the listing type.

You’ll pay an insertion fee for together with a second class – this fee still applies even once employing a free listing. If you have got an eBay Store, though, you’ll be able to use each a main Store category and a secondary Store class free. Listing in 2 categories is not accessible altogether categories.


Useful Tip
Sometimes eBay will change the category if your selection doesn’t match the item listed.


As always, you must list your item in applicable classes. eBay tend to investigate complaints and can move your listing if necessary.